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TAHE Tobago Kayak - Sit on Top - Blue

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Please note: - Backrest not included

Ideal for

Two adults plus one child
Tandem use for medium distance adventures
Ease of transport with integrated rear wheel


A fast and stable family kayak for two adults plus one or two small children

Product Specifications

  • Complete Dimensions395 cm x 84 cm
  • Weight70 lbs / 32 kg
  • Max Load550 lbs / 250 kg



The Tobago is the perfect family kayak for two adults and one child. Its ergonomic seating positions provide for several possibilities of use: 2-adult paddling, with 1 child.

The central seat, in the shape of a motorbike seat, is very practical for kids. There is also space for a bag or container when out on an excursion. A hydrodynamic hull shape provides stabiltiy and excellent glide for going further, faster.

The Tobago comes with a wheel at the rear for easy transport, bow protection and elastic straps to secure your equipment and EVA foam pad covers on seats. The Tobago is a fast, stable and comfortable kayak.


VERSATILE “FAMILY” KAYAK FOR 2 ADULTS+ a child passenger on the central “motorbike” seat.

CENTRAL “MOTORBIKE” SEATFor carrying a child or storing equipment (water supply, bags…).

STABLE THD HULL DESIGN (SIMILAR TO A TRI-MARAN)Refined bow shape for excellent glide and tracking.

REAR STORAGE AREAIntegral elasticated straps for carrying more equipment.

MOLDED FOOTRESTSTo suit all sizes of paddlers.

REMOVABLE REAR BUMPER/PROTECTORWith integral roller for easy transportation.



INTEGRAL DECK LINESFor ease of re-boarding.

100% RECYCLABLEAt the end of its life to respect the environment.

TOUGH TST THERMOFORMED CONSTRUCTIONTo ensure maximum usage in maximum safety. 100% Made in France.

Key Features & Benefits
TAHE Tobago Kayak - Sit on Top - Blue
  • £790.00