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X-Paddle 'Wave' - Fixed Paddle

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X-Paddle Wave Paddleboard - SUP - Fixed Oval Shaft uncut 2280mm/89.5"

Tailored for wave riding, our paddles exceed expectations by proving their versatility in flat water, downwind, and coastal conditions. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a recreational rider, these paddles offer a remarkable combination of lightness and precision, ensuring excellent performance across various environments.

Introducing the 'Wave series,' featuring a new blade shape and 27 x 31mm Oval shaft with full T Handles. The paddles are fixed length, showcasing 3K Full Carbon/Kevlar ABS edged blades, a 27 x 31mm Oval 70% 3K Carbon/Kevlar shaft, and a new 'Full T' 100% 3K Carbon/Kevlar Handle, all in a glossy finish.

The 70% Oval Carbon/Kevlar shaft prioritizes strength and durability while maintaining excellent performance with a 'fast return.' Paired with the new blades, this paddle is over 100g lighter than its predecessor, providing a more responsive and crisper feel. Suited for short, high-cadence strokes and powerful full blade engagement, it caters to both experienced riders and beginners.

Designed for riders over 50kg, the 'Wave' series is versatile enough for all skill levels. Beginners can start with a flat water setup, gradually adjusting the length as their skills improve. While we could make these paddles lighter, we've deliberately optimized them for a balanced feel with the ideal 'strength-to-weight ratio,' recognizing the harsh environment of surf paddleboarding.

The 'Wave' encourages good technique and rider effort with a dynamic feel, minimizing the risk of strain or fatigue.

The 7.8" blade, ideal for purist wave users, provides uniform steering feel with a flatter blade face. Both models work well in the wave environment, ensuring a personal choice tailored to your preferences.

Notably, our commitment extends to accommodating tall riders up to around 7'/214cm with our entire range. Consider this when evaluating weights, as many paddles on the market are significantly shorter. Our quoted weights reflect the full length of our paddles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their performance. 

Many companies quote their weight's when cut to just 78"!

X-Paddle 'Wave' - Fixed Paddle
  • £189.95